Embrace 2014

I remember the day when you called me early in the morning saying that you wanted to divorce my dad.   

I didn`t know then that I would not recognise my mother in the woman I met that day. 


I could sit in the bathroom for hours. It was my way to escape. 


Back then I used to be weak and small compared to you. You always were strong. I only saw you crying several times in all these years.           

I felt panicked seeing your weakness. 

One day you changed the rules and I had to adopt them. No explanation, no talk, nothing to help me understand what was going on. 

I could not go away, could not stay. Sometimes I hated you for making me feel this way. 

I was watching you cross highways without looking sideways and cars stopping at your feet. I followed you. I was afraid to lose you. 

I was going crazy imitating your poses and breathing with the same speed just to catch a glimpse of what you were feeling. 

I grew up. I don`t try to save you anymore. I learnt to trust in you and accept you - the whole of you.

Because I can`t live your life and can`t give you mine. 

I just want you to know that every dream I pursue is to light a desire for life in you. 

All images and texts © Daria Klima
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