I`m an artist, writer and researcher whose work reflects on how people relate to each other and their environment physically and emotionally. The process of being alive is an unstoppable journey of passing through the different stages, and my work is to notice, analyse and capture various states of mind that I observe through others or experience myself.

My past work (a series of portraits frozen in ice and thawing out in front of the viewer) THAWING OUT 2018/2019  explores the state of trauma, when mind continue to live in the past and body can`t feel here and now. 

The other work (an interactive video installation) KEEP THE SEAT WARM 2017/2018 observes  people in a state of daydreaming trance when they are physically present in a place being mentally unavailable. The irony is that these people are decision-makers and the place is the parliament. 

Self-portrait series EMBRACE 2014  shares a psychological journey of a child going through her mother mental break down, for the first time realising what it`s like to be in a close physical proximity to someone who is  emotionally unreachable.

I consider myself a multidisciplinary creator with background in art direction and journalism who is always looking for the right match between in-depth researched story boiled down to concept and then the corresponding means for its expression. Therefore I use multiple tools and learn new techniques not limiting myself to my primary photographic language. 


My goal as an artist is to understand, communicate and eventually connect with the broadest audience through the shared emotional and intellectual experience.

Check RESOURCES  for the selected scientific research about the brain & senses that you can apply to your life, as well as notes on visual language and tips, links and contacts from my professional experience. You can also subscribe for a monthly The Sensitive Mind newsletter where I briefly share my notes taken from the writings about cultural explorations of the senses. Here is the example


Apr 2019

Artist in residency at Kvitbrakka, Berlevåg, Norway

Mar 2019

Artist in residency at Fiskars Village, Finland

Masterclasses & Reviews

Apr 2019

Selected participant for 7th New York Times Portfolio Review, USA

Oct 2016/17 

Conceptualising the personal by Phillip Toledano, ISSP, Latvia

Mar 2016

Selected participant for 4th New York Times Portfolio Review, USA

Sep 2015/16

In between journalism and art by Jana Romanova, Fotodepartament, Russia

Aug 2014

Personal approach to photography by Pieter ten Hoopen, VU Agency


Oct 2017

Installation "Keep the seat warm", The Kuldiga Art House, Latvia

Apr 2014

Magazine spreads "From now on", DMJX Hall, Århus, Denmark


Jul  2017

Apr 2017

May 2016

Feature of the story Embrace on LensCulture

Apr 2016

In Sight Blog by Bronwen Latimer, The Washington Post

Dec 2014

The letter from DMJX, Theory&Practice


2009 - 2015

Moscow State University, Photojournalism Department

Jan - Dec 2014

Danish School of Media & Journalism, Advanced Visual Storytelling

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